Beyond The Lights: Janet Jackson Shares Her Private Life Backstage

A few fans have been floating a photo around the net recently. It’s said to be a special note Janet Jackson’s brother, Michael Jackson wrote to her years ago.

Fans have said that the VIP Access on her tour included:

From a fan who went to the show on another forum said this was also backstage:
– various certification plaques from around the world
-Some of her many awards (Grammys, VMAs, etc,)
– a huge cloth tapestry of her
– all of her previous tour books
– a grey brick from the original Jackson house
– each of her CDs as well as a lot of her cassettes and vinyls
-wardrobe from previous tours and music videos
– some of the Rhythm Nation jewelry and chains
– personal photographs with her family and various celebrities
– Poetic Justice script
– Photo outtakes from her photo shoots from over the years.

The note reads:

“To the Queen of Music, I love you. Forever your brother.




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