Gallery Update: Richard Aaron Photo Shoot

Hey guys! Just wanted to check in with a gallery update for this morning! First before anything, I’d like to give a huge thanks to Tyrone for bringing us this brand new theme that’s online right now! I’m sure I couldn’tthere’s no way in the world, that I could’ve done this on my own! So thank you very much!

I have to give him thanks twice, thanks so much for sharing these high quality images with us! Some of which I’m sure some fans have never came across, hope you guys enjoy!

More to come soon.


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Secrets of Elizabeth Taylor’s Amazing Home: Diamonds, Photos of Michael Jackson and More

With her Oscars and her activism, her great loves and even greater roles, Elizabeth Taylor will always be a Hollywood icon. But in a new book, 700 Nimes Road, photographer Catherine Opie shines a light on the private world of the legend. Opie spent months shooting Taylor’s Bel Air, California, home, just before and after the star’s death in 2011.

“I never met her,” says Opie, who shares exclusive photos from her book (out on Oct. 6 from DelMonico Books•Prestel) and memories of her time at Taylor’s house in the new issue of PEOPLE. “But I got a sense of what an incredible human being she was by everything that was precious to her.” Some of the more surprising objects in Taylor’s possession include a collection of Buddha statuettes, many books about angels, and a shelf full of horses sculpted by her daughter Liza – oh, and the 33.19-carat Krupp diamond, gifted to her by then-husband Richard Burton in 1968. (Not even Liz’s biggest – that would be the 68-carat Taylor-Burton diamond the couple splurged on the following year.)

For the book, Opie was given access to some of Taylor’s most private spaces, including her dressing room, with its sunken tub and lavender carpets to match Taylor’s famous eyes. “That was a beautiful room,” recalls Opie. “The light in that room was just gorgeous,” showing off the stars pretty perfume bottles and fresh-picked orchids. “She had this beautiful little greenhouse that was just for orchids in her backyard,” adds the photographer.

Taylor’s home was also filled with reminders of her friends and family, mementoes of a life lived to its fullest. “There were lots of family photos,” says Opie, who captured a shot of Taylor’s bedside table with pictures of her longtime friend Michael Jackson among family photos. Pictures of Burton, whom Taylor married twice, were all around the house. “Richard Burton was in every room,” says Opie. “Yeah, pretty much. He was in every room.”


She kept a photo of Michael Jackson (and a remote-control manual) on her bedside table.



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Beyond The Lights: Janet Jackson Shares Her Private Life Backstage

A few fans have been floating a photo around the net recently. It’s said to be a special note Janet Jackson’s brother, Michael Jackson wrote to her years ago.

Fans have said that the VIP Access on her tour included:

From a fan who went to the show on another forum said this was also backstage:
– various certification plaques from around the world
-Some of her many awards (Grammys, VMAs, etc,)
– a huge cloth tapestry of her
– all of her previous tour books
– a grey brick from the original Jackson house
– each of her CDs as well as a lot of her cassettes and vinyls
-wardrobe from previous tours and music videos
– some of the Rhythm Nation jewelry and chains
– personal photographs with her family and various celebrities
– Poetic Justice script
– Photo outtakes from her photo shoots from over the years.

The note reads:

“To the Queen of Music, I love you. Forever your brother.




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Austin Brown Remembers Bobbi Kristina Brown

Prior to Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death on July 26, Michael Jackson’s nephew Austin Brown penned an essay for Billboard in which he relates and reflects on the girl he came to know as the adoring daughter of a very famous mom.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bobbi Kristina at the 2009 American Music Awards. It was only a few months after losing our beloved Michael. My family was still grieving through our own personal pain as the world was grieving the public loss of someone who meant so much to so many.

Attending in support of my aunt, who was opening the show, I was sitting with [producer] Rodney Jerkins, a family friend to both the Jackson and Houston families. Right before the show started, I saw a woman approaching us with a young lady clamped to her arm. As the pair drew closer, I could see that it was Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina.

Whitney offered her cheek for Rodney and I to kiss as her daughter said hello. During the quick conversation, Bobbi Kristina didn’t let go of her mom’s arm for one second. You could tell that Whitney was truly the light in her eyes and her safety zone. Whenever I saw Bobbi Kristina after that, it was always the same thing: her clamped tightly to her mother and never letting go, evidence of the deep bond between the two.

With the death of Houston three years ago, we lost another icon. But it saddened me that many people forgot — first and foremost — that her death was about the loss of a mother and the pain it caused a family. No matter what the public perception is, the human factor should be evident: the loss of a family member, especially a parent, is extremely painful beyond comprehension.

I experienced the same personal struggle after losing my father in 2013 to pancreatic cancer. I was trying to work through the inevitable downhill spiral while fighting to find inner peace and discover the new person I was moving forward to be. At these moments, families do one of two things. Either they come together and grow from the loss so they can move forward. Or they bicker over the mundane material possessions or financial matters, not realizing the real anger and pain they are experiencing stems from the hurt and void caused by the loved one’s loss. But no matter the outcome, the family can grieve, cry, fight and emote in private without public opinion judging their actions.

When I think about Bobbi Kristina, it pains me to see that her grief has turned into a story full of public judgment and opinion since the passing of her mother. As she continues fighting for her life, public perception is still inquiring about her rights as a celebrity child and her personal relationships with her family. Have we come to this as a society?

Yes, we all know the answer to that question. But let’s take a real look inside at what that can be like. When our family lost Michael, we grieved with the world. When there were internal struggles, these were headlined as “Entertainment” for the world to watch unfold. The reality: we all had to adjust to who we were now as a family moving forward and, most important, help the children he left behind handle their pain and adjustment. The public’s intrigue only further fueled the stress and internal struggles. Fortunately, however, through faith, prayer, and love we got through it and weathered the storm to rebuild a new family foundation.

I pray and hope to see Bobbi Kristina live to show us why her love for her mother was so strong that she continually clamped onto her arm. Before only seeing her as the beloved daughter of a legend we all adored, we have to remember this is a daughter who lost her mother. And that she is not the first person in the world to have a hard time with grief.

Energy is the battery of the universe. Through prayer and love we can shift the negativity that is being portrayed publicly into a positive effort for someone to live through their sadness and struggles and hopefully move on to help others in the future. Bobbi Kristina, we as a family have you in our prayers.



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Joe Jackson Admitted To Hospital After Stroke

Joe Jackson, the father of the late Michael Jackson, has been admitted to a hospital in Brazil after suffering a stroke while visiting the South American country.

In an emailed statement Monday, the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo said that Jackson is in the intensive care unit after being taken to the hospital Sunday afternoon, the Associated Press reported. He is suffering from an irregular heartbeat, according to the statement.

Local media reported that Jackson, whose 87th birthday was on Sunday, missed his party because he was in the hospital. Pictures of Jackson in Sao Paolo have been tweeted by an account bearing his name and posted on his official website




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Michael Jackson’s Son Blanket Changes His Name

NEW YORK — Blanket Jackson, Michael Jackson’s youngest son, has changed his name. The 13-year-old, who was actually born as Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., informally changed his name to “Bigi” before entering middle school, Radar Online reports.

According to Radar, the teen hated being bullied because he was commonly called Blanket.

Sources tell Radar that he said the name “sounded so stupid,” and he resented his father for giving it to him.

Michael Jackson died June 25, 2009.

Jackson has another son, 18-year-old Prince Michael Jackson II, and daughter, 17-year-old Paris-Michael Jackson.


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Paris Jackson Makes Red Carpet Appearance With Chester Castellaw

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris is definitely all grown up.

The 17-year-old, who was just 11 when her father passed away, looked gorgeous as she stepped out with her boyfriend Chester Castellaw earlier this week.


Paris had added red streaks to her brunette locks and was wearing a grey dress with matching Doc Martens.

The teenager, who attempted suicide in 2013 after struggling to deal with the death of her father, seems to be in a good place at the moment.

She’ll make her own bid for stardom in 2017 when she takes a starring role in the movie Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys.

Paris and her brothers Prince and Blanket were kept out of the limelight by Michael when they were growing up and he famously used masks to cover their faces when they were in public.


However the trio has become more comfortable in the spotlight over the years, and Paris has said that while she was ‘confused’ by her father’s decision to keep them hidden, she gets it now

‘I understand it now, why my dad would want our face to be covered. Like when we went out without him we wouldn’t be recognized, we could have a normal childhood.’

Michael’s mother Katherine and his nephew TJ now share legal guardianship of Paris, Prince and Blanket.


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