Gallery Update: Richard Aaron Photo Shoot

Hey guys! Just wanted to check in with a gallery update for this morning! First before anything, I’d like to give a huge thanks to Tyrone for bringing us this brand new theme that’s online right now! I’m sure I couldn’tthere’s no way in the world, that I could’ve done this on my own! So thank you very much!

I have to give him thanks twice, thanks so much for sharing these high quality images with us! Some of which I’m sure some fans have never came across, hope you guys enjoy!

More to come soon.


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Michael Jackson: Best Vanity Fair Cover Of All Time

We all remember this photoshoot! Annie Leibovitz’s work appeared in Vanity Fair’s December 1989 cover and introduced the 80s’ end-of-the-decade Hall of Fame. The list was a compendium of the Media Decade’s stars, at the top of which was—of course—the King of Pop, photographed in a flowing white shirt that would make American Apparel’s deep Vs look modest. More than a decade later, Jackson topped another chart, when readers voted this issue the best V.F. cover of all.


1989: Annie Leibovitz (Vanity Fair Photoshoot)



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