About Michael.

Awards & Nominations

Michael has been awarded and nominated for a wide selection of awards, check them out here.


A full list of albums released over the years.

Cover Songs

Listen to other artist covering Michael’s songs.


Take a look at some of the women in Michael’s life.

Hollywood Tonight

Photos of Michael hanging out with other known celebrities.


Photos of his many fashion statements, and his influence.

What Is Vitiligo?

Understand the causes, treatments, and effects of the disease.

Short Films

Take a look at Michael’s amazing short films over the years.

2 thoughts on “Michael”

  • Michael Jackson has been there for my birth when i was born i saw his eyes they were beautiful but before he died i never saw him again but on this day i promise Michael that i am gonna follow his legend and become the best singer that i will ever be i love you michael jackson from the bottom of my heart period :'( rest in peace my king

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