By submitting your registration to Michael Jackson ChatZone you agree to the following rules

  • Fake Accounts

    No fake accounts. I’ve seen random names pop up in the chat lately, most of them aren’t registered users of the chat room. So if a random name pops into chat as: “dkdkask” and says “hello”, I will not only delete the messages, but block the IP address.

    Do not give out personal information. I know this is common sense to most of you, but I will say it again just to verify that everyone is on the same page. Giving out personal information (such as home address, phone number, full name, personal social media pages), to strangers can be pretty dangerous! Don’t put yourself at risk for horrible things to happen to you! If I notice any personal information posted in the main chat room , it will be deleted immediately.

  • Photo Uploading

    Photo uploading guidelines. The chat allows users to link images for everyone to see. Please don’t include images that show nudity, or anything that may be disturbing to others.

  • Trolling

    No trolling. This ties is with the prior rules. If you don’t know what a troll is, or have never purposely offended anyone just for emotional abuse, then you don’t need to worry about this rule. Some of us have personally encountered a troll in online communities before, and I happen to be one of them that has. So with that being said, no trolling what so ever! This rule doesn’t just apply to the chat room, it applies to the site overall. I really don’t want to catch you trolling, I won’t be too happy about that.

  • Harassment

    No Harassment or Discrimination. Again, I know most of you guys know better, but sometimes you have to repeat rules just to make sure everyone understands them. (which is fine, I’m more than happy to).

  • Flooding

    No flooding! Flooding is when you type many lines of text, one after the other repeatedly. It is annoying and very disruptive to other users.

  • Adult Content

    If you’re going to have an adult rated conversation with someone, which includes: Curse Words
    Sexual References
    Adult Situations
    Drug/Alcohol Use
    I will ask for you to go inside the adult over 18+ room, or use the private chat. No, we’re not a G rated site, but for a new user to log in for the first time and see the chat history, it’s not a good first impression.

  • The Use Of Private Messaging/ Online Etiquette

    If you are an admin inside the chat room, and you feel you need to speak to another member privately, please use the private message option. That’s why it was created you guys! I will not tolerate viewing the history logs, and seeing admins getting into arguments with the members, there’s no excuses.