Paul McCartney Released: Video for ‘Say Say Say’ Remix

Years after Michael Jackson’s untimely death, his distinctive falsetto continues to wriggle its way into contemporary pop songs. In 2014, fans saw the release of his posthumous album Xscape, and now Sir Paul McCartney has released a new remix of “Say Say Say,” a hit song the pair worked on together in the ’80s. The best-selling single was instantly popular upon its 1983 release, topping the Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks straight.

Now McCartney has remixed Jackson’s vocals on the track, splicing it with previously unheard alternate vocals. While working on his massive reissue compilation called the Paul McCartney Archive Collection, McCartney heard a remix of “Say Say Say” featuring instrumentals by DJ John “Jellybean” Benitz, according to a press release. It was then that McCartney remembered that he had two previously unused lead vocals by himself and the late King of Pop tucked away, and he had an idea.

The remixed “Say Say Say” is almost twice as long as the original and boasts a thrilling new accompanying video, released today on Facebook. Performance artist Ryan Heffington (who worked on Sia’s critically acclaimed video for “Chandelier”) helmed the choreography and direction for the video, which features a young man shimmying, shaking and soaring through his neighborhood, with a little help from his equally fancy-footed friends.


Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson ‘Say Say Say [2015 Remix]’Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson – ‘#SaySaySay [2015 Remix]’Song taken from ‘Pipes of Peace 2015 Remaster’ – in stores nowVideo directed by Ryan Heffington#PaulMcCartney #MichaelJackson #PipesOfPeace

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Watch R.Kelly’s Perfect Michael Jackson Impression

R. Kelly gushed over his experience working with legendary singer and king of pop, Michael Jackson during his listening lounge interview with WBLS and Hot 97, Wednesday night (July 15).

Kelly, who was the producer responsible for Michael’s 1995 hit song, “You Are Not Alone,” reminisced about the very moment he met the international sensation.

“Michael Jackson to me was my Mickey Mouse. Like this is not real. He is not real,” he said excitedly. “To actual grow up and become who I became as a producer and to be producing and writing for Michael, when I first met him it was crazy because he still was a cartoon to me.”

The 12 Play star said that he was in complete disbelief when he arrived to Chicago and without the help of social media, fans were aware of his landing by simply word-of-mouth, “It all became real when they landed in Chicago and I don’t know how Mike do this, but when Mike pulled up to the studio, across the street was the hotel and across the street, everybody in the window were hanging out like they knew he was coming,” he said.

The three-time Grammy award winner explained that he was extremely nervous to work with him and even mentioned offering him Chinese food to simply break the ice. After going to the bathroom for his personal freak out moment, R.Kelly said he gathered himself and started recording “You Are Not Alone” with the former Jackson Five star.

“‘This track is going to be something that the world is going to sing this forever,’ and I’m like ‘Yea, Mike, I appreciate it and I’m glad you like it.'” He continued, “So when he went into the studio to do his thing, he talked to his doc, the doctor told him how to get into his vocals and then he asked me to come in and sing background with him and I’m telling you what went to my feet.”

Watch the video below:




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MJJPassion: The Official Start Of Dejavu Week

This really cool idea came from an amazing member at a discussion forum MJJ ETERNAL! She posted a topic discussing songs from other artists that remind us of MJ. I’m a huge music lover to begin with, so the topic there was so much fun to participate in. No one can ever amount to the genius that Michael was (in my opinion), but have you ever heard a song that made you stop to think (something that was similar). Something like a catchy song that had a MJ feel? I decided to compile a short list of songs/videos to get this thing started! Here’s the official start of MJJP Dejavu Week, we’re counting down from ten.

Thanks AshballforLove♥, for such an amazing topic!


10. Conqueror- Jussie Smollett & Estelle

Jussie Smollett (born June 21, 1983) is an American actor, singer and photographer. On this single found on Fox’s hit show Empire, his smooth falsettos, and tender tempo makes our heart warm inside. Jussie has told interviewers in the past that he is still a huge Michael fan, he’s been quoted saying:

“But you cannot allow people to just spew hate and be ok. I have a tattoo that’s the first line in “Man in the Mirror” that says, “I’m going to make a change.” And I just feel that, as tenant’s of this earth it’s our job to make a difference and make the world better and we can’t just sit around and let people spew nasty things and just think that’s ok. It’s not ok.”- Jussie Smollett 2015

 Jussie Smollett

9. Last NightJustin Timberlake


It has been pushing over nearly 12 years since Justin Timberlake released his first solo album Justified. The 8th track off this album titled Last Night, is a very pop filled melody that gives us a sure MJ feel. The track was written by Pharell Williams, and was originally meant to be recorded by Michael. Things didn’t work out, and the track ended up in the hands of Mr. Timberlake. Take a listen, what do you think?

Justin Timberlake

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The Making of: Billie Jean Rare Outakes

Hey guys, thanks to MJJ Videos we’re pleased to share the making of Billie Jean. The video was released in 1983, the one out of nine tracks listed from Michael’s iconic album Thriller. In this video you get to experience behind the camera magic. Get a glimpse of the video that made music video history, opening doors for other artists years to come.

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‘Black-ish’ Star Tracee Ellis Ross Talks Mom Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and Not Growing Up Normal (Video)


Despite her mother attempting to keep things normal, she recalls trips to the White House and getting painted by Andy Warhol

Tracee Ellis Ross is a burgeoning television star thanks to the success of ABC’s “black-ish,” but the world of stardom is nothing new for her. During her appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday night, Ross talked about growing up as the daughter of Diana Ross.

While her mother tried to keep things normal by minimizing the impact of her career from her kids, there were elements of Tracee Ellis Ross‘ childhood that could not be considered normal by any means. The children of stars, they’re definitely not like us.

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“All those kinds of things that were really important to her about creating the reality of our life,” she said about her mother’s attempts at fostering a sense of normalcy. “But I also was painted by Andy Warhol, I’ve been to the White House numerous times.”

She even shared her mother’s friendship with Michael Jackson, sharing a story of the time she tried to get him to back her side in an argument with one of her friends. When she asked him what he said during the scat portion of “Wanna Be Startin’ Something,’” Jackson replied, “I don’t know. What do you think I’m saying?”

“I’ve been saved by the sound of Michael’s song,” she said. She even sang it for Kimmel’s audience, but … no.

“Black-ish” airs at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC Wednesdays. “Jimmy Kimmel Live” airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC.

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