Donate $1 To MJJPassion Online

Please Donate To MJJPassion

I never thought I would place a donation button on this site. MJJL has been online for over 2 years (in different forms) and I never really needed help with it. As some of you guys know, the site went offline several days ago. Within that 24 hour offline period, I received over a dozen emails and Facebook Messages from members. Sadly the time has come when I can no longer handle the website fees alone without assistance. I would like all of you guys to thank @dirtydiana for getting the website back online, because I was not able to do it alone.

Things We Have To Offer

  1. Detailed information on Michael Jackson, including biography, videography, and fashion photos.
  2. A gallery with over 18,000 high quality photos and counting.
  3. A growing fan community at MJJLegion with over 300+ members.
  4. Online live Chatzone where you can chat with other Michael Jackson fans from around the world.
  5. Passion Radio (Michael Jackson Radio)

Things I Will Not Do

  1. Ask you to donate a huge amount of money to keep the site online. (see the cost to keep the site online below)
  2. Make multiple posts about the donation button. I’ve asked you guys once, so I would hope that you like the site enough to chip in if you can.
  3. Give you MJ merchandise/Downloaded Music or Videos in trade for your donation. (that’s called piracy you guys lol)

Things I Will Do

  1. Give you access to one free product once we open our MJJL Store (coming soon guys)
  2. Add you name in a raffle for our next upcoming contest.

Maintenance Site Costs:

Monthly Space Fee: $20.00/monthly

Domain Renewal: $15.00/annually


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Hey guys!

So a few members asked me about a forum for this site! Honestly, my first response was a no. Why? Tbh forums seem outdated to me, and they fade rather quickly. But, I decided to make something really simple.

By simple I mean, there’s not a billion categories, there aren’t too many sub categories (everything is super simple).

It’s just another alternative if you don’t use the live chat option! So enjoy!

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Gallery Update: Richard Aaron Photo Shoot

Hey guys! Just wanted to check in with a gallery update for this morning! First before anything, I’d like to give a huge thanks to Tyrone for bringing us this brand new theme that’s online right now! I’m sure I couldn’tthere’s no way in the world, that I could’ve done this on my own! So thank you very much!

I have to give him thanks twice, thanks so much for sharing these high quality images with us! Some of which I’m sure some fans have never came across, hope you guys enjoy!

More to come soon.


Files: 34

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MJJ Passion Online: Third Contest Announcement



Hello everyone! I am super excited to announce the third, and last contest before MJJP’s one year anniversary! This edition will be in the form of Scavenger Hunt!


  1. The contest will be open for one month! (will end August 31, 2015), there will be no exceptions for late submissions.
  2. Please only submit your answers once, it prevents heavy email traffic and will take less time to sort through spam mail.
  3. You have to have a valid email address so I can contact you if you are selected as a winner.
  4. Admins or contributors to the site are not allowed to enter this contest, some of you guys already know where the gems are hidden.

Contest Details:

Okay guys, here’s this year’s scavenger hunt details! I will be hiding three colorful crowns around the website (red, purple, and pink), I will give you three clues as to where the crowns are hidden! Once you’ve found the first crown, a clue will be posted to reveal where the next crown can be found. Listed below are the crown rewards and their winnings!


500px-Amazon_com_logo_svgCrown Levels  ** once a crown has been found it will be posted below.

Level 1 (red) (Found) **

ctest_1$10.00 Gift Card (disbursed through

Level 2 (purple) (Found) **

ctest_2$15.00 Gift Card (disbursed through

Level 3 (pink) (Found) **

ctest_3$20.00 Gift Card (disbursed through

Bonus: If you find all three crowns before any other submissions are placed, you will be the winner of all three prizes!!!!


1st Clue:

Who’s BAD? Find 125 Ways To Be Cool. Discover The Evolution Of Michael’s Fashion.




How To Submit Your Answers: Closed

Please use the Contact Us option, or use the following email address below. Copy and paste the filled out information below:

Name: Your name.

Email: Your email address where you can be reached.

Crown Page URL 1: (hint: the page address where you found the hidden crown. example: **if you couldn’t find it please leave blank.

Crown Page URL 2: (hint: the page address where you found the hidden crown. example: **if you couldn’t find it please leave blank.

Crown Page URL 3: (hint: the page address where you found the hidden crown. example: **if you couldn’t find it please leave blank.

Message: If you’d like to let us know anything else, please type it here!



  1. The crown examples above are actual size. They are bright in color and will flash to catch your attention.
  2. If you think you’ve figured out where a crown could be hidden, don’t just search at the top of the pages, scroll further down into the content. It could be hidden at the bottom (footer) of the page.
  3. Don’t overthink your guesses, if you believe it could be hidden in a specific place: go with it (because you’re probably right)
  4. The crowns aren’t just hidden on, make sure to check our network sites as well! Meaning the gallery (, or fiction archive (, icons station (
  5. There’s no rush, the contest doesn’t end for an entire month. Take your time to look through the site

Be sure your email is valid. That’s the only way you can redeem your gift card through If you believe you know the answer, just simply email me @

If you guys have any questions, feel more than free to Contact Us!


** Winners will not be announced until the contest deadline date! (please scroll back to the top for more information)

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Site Update: The Launch Of Lyric Annotation

We’re happy to announce the newest addition to MJJP Network, Lyric Annotation! Do you think you know the meaning behind a verse in one of Michael’s songs? Take your best shot at it! Remember there is no right or wrong answer, it’s all for fun!

How To Create Your Own Annotation

Here’s an example of a song that the admin has added annotations to:


  1.  Each Line For A Lyric has a small [+] sign to the left of the text.

  2. Hover over the line you wish to add your interpretation to, click the [+] sign, and a option will fade in.

  3. Once the box prompt has appeared, it will ask you your name, and the comment you would like to leave.

  4.  Hit submit, but remember you can’t leave the same comment on the same lyric line more than once.

    NOTE: Your lyrical opinions may not show up immediately, the admins have to approve the comment to prevent spamming.

  5.  To add a cool gif, or image to your side node simply use this code:

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