New Launch For Michael Jackson Fan Fiction

Hey guys, just purchased a new domain name! Now it’s easier to get access to your favorite Michael Jackson Fan Fiction! If you made it to this site, then that means you’ve been redirected successfully!

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  • Why did I purchase this domain?

Well for several reasons, firstly because it looks more concrete to have a pro domain name while hosting several sites. Secondly I believe having a regular domain name, versus a sub domain ( helps a bit more with google search.

Last, and most important. I’m getting really tired of the bickering on other sites. If it’s not over the role playing, it’s over someone and their age, if it’s not this it’s that.’s annoying, this change will benefit in more ways than one.

Am I saying that arguing about RP w/ a underage minor is the right thing to do? Of course it is! But what people fail to realize is, they’re fighting a battle they can’t win. When I want to look for a brand new story, I want to see a story. instead of irrelevant pleading with members that could care less.

I was once told that it didn’t matter what the domain name is, because people don’t bookmark anymore! Well, here we go…

The start of a new adventure.

If anyone has trouble logging in just let me know.

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Ultimate Xscape- Q&A Series I : Shining In The Spotlight

We recently organized a Q&A with our current Spotlight Recipient: Tinker13. We discovered what type of writing style she carries, more commonly character aversions, and her plans for future writing. Although modest when inquired on writing savvy, the spotlight is well deserved. Read the following interview below, here’s a snippet of what was said.

Q: In Fear Of Flying Michael isn’t the typical bubbly character that [some] writers portray him as. He seems to suffer from his own personal demons, why did you choose to portray him so informally?

A:  I wanted to be more creative with his character and not the typical squeaky clean Michael that everyone believes he was in real life.  No one knows who he really was so I took liberties in exploring a different side and humanize him but giving him real life struggles.  I’m a very creative person and have a vivid imagination so my stories will always step away from the norm.  I like my Michael to be a man not some innocent boy but that’s just me.  I do a lot of research on the things I put in the story, whether it be where he was in that time of his life( appearances, struggles etc.) and and how a drug abuser reacts, is treated, medical conditions, etc.  I’m always looking information up to try and be accurate if it’s a real life condition or situation.  Now that doesn’t mean I take it too far, sometimes my imagination gets the best of me but one thing is for sure, my stories will always have drama, romance and humor.  People I talk to that personally knew Michael always said the same thing about him.  He was the kindest person they ever knew and he had an amazing sense of humor.  Yes I’ve had the opportunity to meet several people who worked with him and feel honored to have been able to talk to them and become friends with them.  Gives me a different perspective on Michael and a glimpse into the real man. I admit I’m more of a fan of Michael being out of character, there’s no interest in reading chapter after chapter of water balloon fights…. read more

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